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The Stella Award

Stella showing her "Upcycle" challenge piece at Show & Tell.
Stella showing her "Upcycle" challenge piece at Show & Tell.

Award Description

An annual award presented to the SCHG member whose entry in our Weaving and Fiber Festival (WeFF) Guild Challenge exemplifies the spirit of Stella Goren, one of our past members.

In honor of Stella's exuberance and always positive and humorous attitude, a gift certificate will be presented to the winner at WeFF, purchased from one of the WeFF vendors.

It is a hope that Stella’s spirit will inspire our members to find their creative force. 

Award Winners

2019 Chantal Hoareau


Tuxedo Junction


"When this challenge was first announced, I distinctly recall thinking of ostriches.  I was not sure how I would execute it, but the impression remained strong.
I figured out a way!"

It was made from 4 x 4 pin loom squares and kumihimo braids using crochet cotton and quilting thread.

About Stella

Stella passed away 9/12/18 at 96 years old. She was one of our oldest members whose presence was always felt. Who could forget her creations she showed at the Show & Tell part of our monthly meetings. Her curiosity and productivity were awe inspiring. If you knew her, you were rewarded with the gifts of a person always present, involved and cheerful. She was truly an original.


Here are a few members' reminiscences, starting with a haiku:

A rare bird Stella 
Artist, weaver, fearless, strong
Show and tell, always

Stella Goren is a model of a creative multifaceted person who not only observed but transformed creatively what she saw into all forms of weaving, sculpture, writing and human relationships. To know her was to marvel at her love of life and the world around her. Stella did it all.

Stella was an energetic and involved person; full of humor; dedicated to our guild as a lifetime member. I miss her.

Stella was a small person but a large dynamic force of life filled with positive energy.

An original, who always surprised. She was ever smiling and will stay in our hearts.

To honor Stella’s memory, a fund has been set up to provide a yearly award.