Library - Magazines

SCHG owns a library of over 2000 resources available to our members – books, DVDs, swatch collections, pamphlets, etc. There is something available for all levels of weavers. Go to the Library Database to see the collection for all items in the library except magazines. Following are the magazines that are available in the Library.

Current magazines No longer published magazines
Complex Weavers Journal: misc. issues 2004-2008, October 2013- current

Handwoven: Fall 1979 – current (also 1986–2013 available on CD by year)

Heddlecraft: 2016 – current

Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers: Winter 2012 – current

Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot: Sept 1970 – current

Vav: 2010 - current



Fiber Arts: 1975-May 2010
Handspun December 1986-September 1987
Handweaver and Craftsman: 1950-1975
Handweaver’s Bulletin: 1952-1956
Handwoven: Fall 1979 - current
Heddle: July 1990 – May 1992
Interweave: Fall 1976-1980
Loom Music: 1945-1965
Looming Arts:
Master Weaver: 1951-1972
Practical Weaving Suggestions: 194?-195?
Quarterly Journal: misc. issues 1956, 1960, Dec 1965-Summer 1975
Shuttle Craft Bulletin: April 1957 – July 1960
Siminoff textiles: 1950 – 1951
Spin-off: 1977 – 2009
Textile Craft: 1969-1974
Textile Crafts: misc. issues 1969-1979
Textile Museum Journal: misc. issues 1988-2000
Threads: 1986-2009
Weaver: 1936-1941
Weaver's: 1990-1999
Weaver's Craft: 2000 -2013
Weaver's Journal: 1974-1987


Indexes – there are print indexes for a selection of magazines on textile arts available in the Library: If you’re researching a specific topic, artist, etc., please contact the librarian to make arrangements to view them. In addition, Handwoven magazine has electronic indexes available on the Interweave website for 1979-2016: Go to and put the term Handwoven indexes in the search box.

Another source for research in magazines is Art Index, which includes magazines on arts and craft in general that may periodically include articles on weaving (e.g., American Craft). This database is available from the Los Angeles Public Library. Contact the Librarian if you want to learn more about using this database. –