SCHG Presents in November



  NOVEMBER 9 & 10, 2019

ABOUT DEBORAH SILVER: ADeborah Silver discovered her love of weaving while attending the Cleveland Institute of Art, majoring in Fiber and minoring in Drawing. After a weaving internship, Deborah learned the craft of antique furniture upholstery. She then combined her skills to open her own fiber art business. She worked closely with interior designers, creating site-specific Fiber commissions for private residences, businesses and religious institutions. Currently, Deborah designs and weaves pieces that combine her interest in tribal imagery with contemporary faces. Using the split-shed technique, Deborah has transformed a traditional coverlet pattern into a signature method of hand-weaving. All horizontal yarns travel from edge to edge, differentiating this fabric from tapestry. The work is inspired by the increased cross-culturalism in our world, with an emphasis on our collective history. Deborah's influences are Milton Avery, Henri Mattise and Paul Gauguin.

MORNING PROGRAM: November 9 Split Shed Tied Beiderwand The program covers the basics of split-shed weaving, including: how to form a split shed on different kinds of looms, how to follow a split-shed draft, making a cloth cartoon that will not wrinkle and advances with the warp.  Deborah will show her split-shed artwork and discuss the creative process.

1-1/2-DAY WORKSHOP: Nov. 9, 1:00-4:00; Nov, 10, 9:00-4:00:Split Shed Beiderwand  This workshop will teach the basics of split-shed weaving using a variation of the Beiderwand pattern. This type of weaving uses four shafts, five treadles, and three weft yarns which all travel from selvedge to selvedge. Students will learn how to produce shading with yarn in order to create dimensional-looking imagery. They will also learn how to make and use a cartoon on cloth that will advance with the warp and will not crinkle when beating.

Floor looms preferred but table looms are ok.  (but NO counterbalance).  For table looms: See the detailed setup instructions (loom spacer) before signing up.

WORKSHOP FEE:  $95 for full SCHG members:  $145 for nonmembers and subscribers

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