Southern California Handweaver’s Guild

Southern California Handweavers' Guild
PO Box 56502
Sherman Oaks, CA  91413-1502


President: Deanna Deeds
Vice President: Michele Belson
Past President: Rosalie Kessing
Secretary: Catherine Seguin
Membership: Michelle Gannes
Treasurer: Karen Fink
Newsletter: Leslie Rodier
Librarian: Amy Clark and Chantal Hoareau
Programs: Virginia Postrel and Bonnie Reese
WeFF Coordinator: Pat Sullivan
Outreach/Publicity: Clara Earthly
Yahoo Group: Gary Downs
Web Site: Claudia Buchinsky & Jamie Jamison
Inter-Guild Relations: Suzzy Canny
Correspondence: Charmaine Soo
Donations Coordinator: Limor Johnson
Equipment: Chantal Hoareau and Amy Clark
Hospitality: Candy Goodwin