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Meetings and Workshops


SCHG meets on the second Saturday of each month – September through June (except May when we have our Weaving and Fiber Festival).

The meeting begins at 9am and includes Show & Tell, announcements, and usually a morning program on a weaving or other fiber arts related topic. Often, there is also a workshop given by the morning lecturer. The morning program is free to all. Workshops are either half day or day and a half and are limited in size. They require prior registration and payment of a fee. Please refer to our Calendar page for more information.

Visitors are welcome at our meetings. We love finding new fiber people! Whether you are an experienced weaver or fiber artist, or brand new to the craft, you are welcome to attend our program. Please introduce yourself!

Our meetings are currently held online via Zoom.  

For the Zoom link, please see the SCHG General Forum,
or contact Virginia Postrel at